Fish Filleting Machine

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We are happy to announce that we are entering into a new product line, the fish processing equipment and line, which are dedicated to develop processing machinery for many fish species. We believe that the fish processing machinery is a goody hand for the food processing companies in liberating many laborers from the crowded processing line with improved working efficiency.

The fish processing machinery includes single standalone processing equipment and integrated equipment with multiple combined functions, such as de-heading, de-scaling, gutting, cutting, filleting, and skinning.

The standalone equipment only serve one function at a stable and efficient working performance. The heading/de-heading machine removes the fish head. There can be several styles of de-heading, such as, lineral cutting, V-type cutting, and U-type cutting.

The scaling/de-scaling equipment is to remove the fish scales at a small/large capacity. We have several types of fish scaler, the electricl hand-held scaler, suitable for small fish stall; the brush type scaler, and the revolver drum scaler, especially for processing large capacity of fish.

The fish filleting machine is to cut the fish into two or three pieces. If cut it into two fillets, we call it butterfly style filleting. If cut it into three pieces, it produces the left piece, the right piece, and the spine bone. For the detailed of fish filleting machine, please refer to this link to know more.

The skinning machine is to remove the fish skin after the fish is filleted.

New Official Website Launched

We are happy to announce that we have launched a new official website for Shining Fish Technology. The new web URL is

Welcome to our new SFT (Shining Fish Technology) website. SFT provides high quality, expert cooling and freezing systems. In the new website, we will discuss a range of refrigeration solutions, tips, considerations, and general information for a wide range of industries and products. In this first post, we want to familiarize you with what our website and company has to offer.

Customized Systems

SFT has a full range of cooling, icing and freezing systems that are designed to assist with everything from precooling and chilling, to icing and freezing products. Most of these products are standardized manufacture, but we also can make custom systems to fit each particular requirement.

Chillers: We supply a vast range of choices for individual chillers and industrial cooling systems, including air chillers, water chillers, oil chillers, laser chillers and other types of chillers.

Ice Machines: No matter which type of ice you need, SFT always has appropriate equipment for you. We have the complete range of ice making equipment and systems which include all kinds of ice, no matter the ice is for cooling purposes or for human consumption. The ice is versatile in shapes of square, rectangular, cylindrical, liquid, and flat flake, etc. The full ice production range starts from 50 kilos to hundred tons per day. SFT can always have the best ice-making equipment and systems for you.

Freezers: Our individual quick freezers (IQFs) are perfect for fast freezing an assortment of different fruits, vegetables, produce, seafood, and meat products. The IQF freezers instantly freeze the products in the shortest time to preserve the best quality and flavour. No matter of which types of installation, SFT has the complete range of mechanic freezers and cryogenic freezers to fit your needs. We have the freezers in plate, in tunnel, and in spiral structures to suit different installation.

Cold Storage Facilities: We supply the complete range of cold storage equipment and facilities for different industries, such as commercial kitchen, supermarket, cold-chain logistics, ice storage house, and cold storage warehouses, etc. The cold storage equipment can be standardized manufacture and custom manufacture as well. From a small and modular walk-in freezer to hundreds of tons of cold warehouse, we have a perfect solution for our customer.

Food Processing Equipment/Line: SFT offers a complete food processing line to our customers. Fruit processing equipment and line, vegetable processing equipment and line, seafood processing equipment and line, all our processing machinery are built to the highest standards so as to not only fulfil customers’ requirements but also go beyond their expectations.

Products Offered

SFT offers turnkey, modular fabricated products that can be customized to fit each customer’s requirement for cooling, icing, and freezing. Our user-friendly website allows visitors to browse and select products, add them to a bid package, and build their own ice-making system from the ground up. The combinations and possibilities can be selected for tailored price quotes and product information.

Industries Served

SFT serves several major industries and sectors, including produce, seafood, meat & poultry, construction, cold-chain logistics, and even entertainment. The industries we serve may be varied, but rest assured that SFT takes the time to understand the concerns, advantages, and challenges inherent in each of these industries.

Mobile Friendly

SFT’s new website is mobile-friendly. Whether you are looking up information on your smartphone, checking out the website from a tablet, or scrolling through on a desktop or laptop, we want you to have a great user experience and find all the information and resources you need.