Fruit & Vegetable Processing Line

We are among the leading suppliers of fruit and vegetable processing equipment. From planning to engineering, we deliver highly reliable and efficient solutions for various food processing requirements by providing fruit processing machinery and vegetable processing machinery.

The general flow of fruit processing line (apple processing, pear processing, apricot processing, and citrus processing) and vegetable processing line (tomato processing) includes:
Fresh fruit–Loading–Eleavting–Washing–Sorting–Crushing–Pre-heating–Peeling, pulping and refining–Vacuum evaporation–Sterilizing–Aseptic filling (Filling seaming)–Tomato paste in aseptic bag (Post-pasteurizing)–(Air drying and conveying)–(Tomato past in small package).

By utilizing our long experience and specialized industry expertise, not only we are capable of supplying equipment for a specific processing machine within a line, but also can we design and develop the complete turnkey fruit processing line and vegetable processing line as per the exact specifications and requirements. Our complete processing line includes:

  • Fruit And Vegetable Washer
  • Elevator
  • Material Handling & Conveying System
  • Processing Equipment
  • Hot Break System/Pre-heater
  • Vacuum Pan Concentration/Evaporator System
  • De-aeration System
  • Pasteurization System
  • Blancher/Cooler
  • Sterilizer/Retort/Exhauster
  • Canning/Bottling Lines
  • De-Stonner/Pulp Extraction Equipment/Finisher
  • Fruit Juice Extractor/Hydraulic & Screw Press
  • Peeler/Slicer/De-Podder
  • Tanks/Kettles/Blender

Feel free to contact us for more information of the fruit and vegetable processing machinery/plant.