Shrimp Processing Line

Shrimp processing linesWe have been experienced in designing and making turnkey shrimp processing plant project for years. We specializes in the service of providing various shrimp processing equipment to the shrimp industry, both standard products and tailor-made products.

By utilizing our long experience and specialized industry expertise, not only we are capable of supplying equipment for a specific processing machine within a line, but also can we design and develop the complete turnkey shrimp processing line as per the exact specifications and requirements. Our complete processing line includes:

  • Washing and receiving equipment
  • Grading systems–shrimp roller grader
  • Cooking systems–steam cooker, shrimp blower
  • Peeling machines–shrimp peeler
  • Packing systems–shrimp packer
  • Shell separating and removers
  • Brining and water treatments–brine chilling
  • IQF tunnel freezers
  • In feeding and tub handling–feeder
  • Centralized cleaning systems–shrimp cleaner
  • Shrimp pumps
  • Quality control units–inspection belt
  • Ice glazing machine
  • Sealing and Packing
  • Cold storage

Feel free to contact us for more information of the shrimp processing machinery/plant.