Ice Bagging Machine

ShiFT (Shining Fish Tech) has earned a reputation as one of the leading suppliers for a reliable and versatile ice bagger machine on the market. Incorporating high tech electrical controls and simplistic mechanical design, our ice bagging machine resulting in reliable, low maintenance operation.

We have developed two kinds of ice packaging machine, one is the semi-auto ice packer, and the other is the full automatic ice baggaging machine. Due to different specific requirements from the customer, these two ice baggers can fully meet all their expectations for ice packing solution.

With their dominant advantages, we believe our ice bagging machine not only bring more convenience to your ice production, but also improve the hygiene of ice by greatly reducing the secondary contamination of ice in the ice production process as well as ice packing and delivery.

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Semi-auto Ice Packaging Machine

In ShiFT (Shining Fish Tech), we carefully study the exact requirements from the customer for ice bagging solution, and we tailored to offer a considerate and professional manual ice bagging solutions. Also it's called semi-automatic ice bagger.

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Automatic Ice Packaging Machine

In ShiFT (Shining Fish Tech), we had developed a high-tech automatic ice packaging machine to meet the large capacity ice bagging demand, especially the commercial ice plant which distribute and retail ice to the market. Comparing with the semi-automatic ice bagger, this automatic ice packing machine gives fast packing, saving time and labour. Each bag of ice is exactly weighed and bagged.

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