Automatic Ice Packaging Machine

Automatic Ice Packaging MachineIn ShiFT (Shining Fish Tech), we had developed a high-tech automatic ice packaging machine to meet the large capacity ice bagging demand, especially the commercial ice plant which distribute and retail ice to the market. Comparing with the semi-automatic ice bagger, this automatic ice packing machine gives fast packing, saving time and labour. Each bag of ice is exactly weighed and bagged.

With system controller, the packer can be easily adjusted for different parameters per requirements, and the changable ice weighing range fulfill every critical requirements for ice weight.


  • Quality PLC control
  • Fully approved control panel
  • Infeed mechanism
  • Programmable ice weigher
  • Bag inflation system and bag senser
  • Take away conveyor
  • Self protection Program
  • Stainless steel panels and product contact surfaces
  • Epoxy powder baked finish

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