Semi-auto Ice Packaging Machine

Semi-auto Ice Packaging MachineIn ShiFT (Shining Fish Tech), we carefully study the exact requirements from the customer for ice bagging solution, and we tailored to offer a considerate and professional manual ice bagging solutions. Also it’s called semi-automatic ice bagger.

This semi-auto ice bagger contains several parts, such as the ice loader, incline auger conveyor, ice receiver and ice weighing section. This ice bagger is operated manually, so the conveying and bagging speed can be controlled exactly.


  • Quality PLC controller
  • Incline and accelerator conveyor
  • Infeed mechanism
  • Fully approved control panel
  • Stainless steel panels and product contact surfaces
  • Epoxy powder baked finish
  • Compact structure
  • Ice weigher

For more details of semi-auto ice packer, feel free to contact us.