Ice Equipment

At ShiFT, not only we have the capability of supplying stand-alone various ice machines (such as flake ice machines, tube ice machines, block ice machines, cube ice machines, plate ice machines, water chillers, ice storage, IQF freezer, and ice bagging machines), but also the complete turnkey ice plants (Flake ice plant, tube ice plant, and block ice plant) and processing lines (fruit & vegetable processing lines, shrimp processing line, and filling & packaging lines).

Besides our versatile products of refrigeration machinery and processing lines, we also supply spare parts and accessories (ice crusher and ice compactor).

Ice Crusher

Ice crusher is an accessory to complement the ice machine. At ShiFT, we make three type of ice crushers, i.e. Block ice crusher, tube ice crusher and portable cube ice crusher.

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Ice Compactor

Ice compactor, also called ice compressor, is a counterpart of ice crusher. The operation function of ice compactor is totally opposite to ice crusher. The ice compactor is used to compress the flake ice or snow ice into block ice.

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