Ice Crusher

ice crusherIce crusher is an accessory to complement the ice machine. At ShiFT, we make three type of ice crushers, i.e. Block ice crusher, tube ice crusher and portable cube ice crusher.

Block ice crusher is used to crush the big block ice. This crusher is made of heavy grade galvanized steel for a long working life, and it has a fast crushing speed. Tons of block ice will be crushed for one hour.

However, tube ice crusher is used to crush tube ice/cube ice for human consumption. The purpose of crushed ice determines that the material of the tube ice crusher must be high grade stainless steel. For large capacity demand of crushed ice for consumption, our tube ice crusher has more advantage of low power consumption, very small space requirement and fast crushing speed.

For small capacity demand of cube ice, we have cube ice crusher. We have countertop cube ice crusher and portable cube ice crusher, which is an ideal from crushing ice at home, bar, night club, hotel and restaurant. When you go picnic with your family or friends, you can take our portable cube ice crusher, which crush the ice manually, no electricity requirement.

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