Bagged Ice Block Machine

bagged ice blocker machineWe newly developed a small direct refrigeration system for block ice. We call it bagged block ice machine. This idea came when we received many international inquiries for a system which can guarantee the sanitation of ice blocks and the easiness of selling the ice. Most of the inquiries were coming from underdeveloped areas of tropic region, in which the air temperatures are so high that life is a suffering there. And also because those regions have insufficient power supply especially when in hot days, the demand for a kind of ice that can bring much longer coolness is increasing. And we also learned from the clients that the ice being consumed was not sanitary.
In order to meet the expectations of our clients, Our engineers developped a new kind of block ice machine, the bagged block ice machine, or you may call it bagged ice block machine. The target of this innovation is to develop a machine that can meet mass expectations from clients. The expectations include:
The ice needs to be big ice block in order to have longer time for melting in high temperature.
The ice needs to be sanitary enough for direct human consumption.
The ice needs to be easy pick and carry.
The machine needs to have a simple operation function.
The machine needs to consume less energy and produce less noise.
Taking all the requirements into our whole consideration, we successfully developped this bagged ice block machine. This machine is different from traditional ice machine with brine refrigeration sytem, also less complex and less expensive than the machine with direct evaporation system. Though this machine also adopt direct evaporation technology, but the cost of this machine can be very well controlled.

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