Indirect Refrigeration Block Ice Machine

Indirect Refrigeration Block Ice MachineIndirect refrigeration block ice machine is also called brine refrigeration block ice machine. The brine water (glyco or sodium chloride) is add into the water pool, usually made of galvanized or stainless steel. The brine water is used as the secondary refrigerant to have direct heat exchange with the water bucket, in which the water is frozen into block ice after period of time.

We have all capacities available. Ranges from 1000 kilo to 100000 kilo in 24 hours. Fit for fresh-keeping, ice selling, ice plant and concrete batching plant.

Integrated design ensures Easiest installation, Easiest operation and open structure for Easy maintenance.

Quality Ice guaranteed.

Strong adaptability: Suit normal and most unfavorable situation

Gas available with R22, R404A and R717

Option for Containerized model, brings more advantages and profit.

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