Cube Ice Machine

Cube ice, like tube ice, is a special food for human consumption, which brings more special flavor to table. Cube ice machines are widely installed throughout the food service and hospitality industry, from bars, delis, and restaurants, to hotels, hospitals, and other institutional kitchens. Ranging from square ice, to nugget ice, lunar ice and round ice.

Cube ice machines are made of the zinc-plated copper evaporator, which can freeze the water to make bright crystal ice cubes in the shortest time. Our cube ice maker enjoys a dependable and durable long lifespan and a better energy-efficiency as well.

At SFT, we can supply you with everything, from a small home ice maker of 12 kilos per day to a complete turnkey cube ice factory with an ice production of 20000 kilos or more.

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icon of home ice maker

Home Ice Maker

Home ice maker, also called as mini ice maker or portable ice maker, is a really useful appliance in the home, whether in the kitchen or by a drinks bar, if you're lucky enough to have one!

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icon of cube ice machine

Commercial Cube Ice Maker

ShiFT cubelet icemakers are designed for dependability. The attractive stainless steel exterior provides long life and easy maintenance. Easy to chew, dry cubelet ice is produced and stored in a sanitary, built-in storage bin.

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Industrial Cube Ice Machine

Comparing with commercial cube ice machine, industrial cube ice machine is ideal for ice factory and ice plant for retailing ice. Because of it's large amount ice output, it is also called big capacity cube ice machine. Especially in the high temperature areas, big capacity cube ice machine usually is the premier option for investment because of its high rate of investment return.

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