Commercial Cube Ice Maker

SFT cubelet icemakers are designed for dependability. The attractive stainless steel picture of cube ice machinesexterior provides long life and easy maintenance. Easy to chew, dry cubelet ice is produced and stored in a sanitary, built-in storage bin.

We have three type of commercial cube ice machines:

  1. compact type, also called undercounter type, with capacity range from 30 to 150 kilo.
  2. split type, sometimes called slim type, with capacity range from 170 to 890 kilo.
  3. double-head type, because of stackable heads, with capacity range from 1170 to 1750 kilo.

Product Features:

Energy Saving, Low Operation Cost
Consume less electricity and water than competing models.

Auto-Control System
Programmed auto monitor and control system ensures the ice machine a consistent functioning.

Guaranteed Sanitation of Ice
Use high standard material to protect the cross-contamination of water and ice,

Safety Protection Technology
Auto-cleaning technology reduces growth of bacteria in the water.


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