Home Ice Maker

Home ice maker, also called as mini ice maker or portable ice maker, is a really useful appliance in the home, whether in the kitchen or by a drinks bar, if you’re lucky enough to have one!Pic of home ice maker

When you have a home party, entertain your guests with fresh ice, you will never run out of ice with a home ice maker.

Salient Features:

  • The easiest way to use, just plug-in for power, fill water or connect water, turn it on, and wait for ice.
  • The fastest ice-making speed, just wait for 12 minutes, you get ice.
  • Lowest energy consumption makes largest ice harvest.
  • Automatic operation, self-protection system ensures the safety for use.
  • Self-cleaning system guarantees the sanitation of ice.
  • Lowest operation noise.
  • More options for ice shapes and types.
  • Option for plastic and stainless steel shell.

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