Flake Ice Machine

Flake ice, also called scale ice, sheet ice and chip ice, is a type of ice made from fresh water or seawater and is characterized by thin, subcooled, flat ice flakes. The flakes are made from a thin sheet of frozen water that is between 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm thick, which is fractured into irregular shapes between 12 mm and 40 mm in diameter.

With dominant advantage of substantial cooling effect, rapid cooling speed and good fluidity, sheet ice / chip ice is vastly applied in the fields of commercial and industrial cooling. From fresh-keeping to food processing, from temperature controlling to industrial cooling, Shining-Fish Technology is able to fulfill every critical request for cooling solutions.

Equipment features:

  • Carbonated or stainless steel drum
  • Stainless steel adjustable ice scraper/ice blades
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Fast ice-making and rapid cooling
  • Easy operation and simple maintenance
  • Steady and durable
  • Available for R22, R404A and R717
  • Compatible for 3P/380V/50–60Hz, 3P/220V/50–60Hz, 3P/460V/60Hz, 3P/415V/50Hz

We have three types of flake ice machine, the commercial flake ice machine, the industrial flake ice machine, and the vessel (onboard) flake ice machine. A single unit machine can produce from 500 kilo to 60 ton of ice in 24 hours to meet your critical requirements.

Commercial Flake Ice Machine

Commercial flake ice machine is also called small capacity flake ice machine, which is designed specially for demand of less capacity demands.

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Industrial Flake Ice Machine

Industrial flake ice machine is also called big capacity flake ice machine, which is designed specially for demand of large quantity flake ice consumption.

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Seawater Flake Ice Machine

Seawater flake ice machine, which is designed specially for pelagic fishing, is also called onboard flake ice machine. The seawater flake ice machine make ice by directly utilizing seawater as raw material for refrigeration and condensation.

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