Tube Ice Machine

Unlike other kinds of ice, tube ice is a food, which brings more special flavor to table. Put more tube ice into your drinks, let’s cool down.

Tube ice, cylindrical ice, is frozen on the inside of vertical stainless steel tubes by refrigerant circulating in the surrounding shell. A film of water falls from the top of each tube, freezing from the outside in. As the water freezes, salts and impurities are washed back to the pumping tank for automatic removal. hen the ice tubes have frozen to the desired thickness, the cycle is reversed and hot gas from the condenser is introduced into the refrigerant in the shell, releasing the ice. The tube ice falls into a rotating cutter which cuts uniform ice tubes to desired lengths.

SFT (Shining Fish Technology) can supply you with everything from a single tube ice machine to a complete turnkey tube ice plant with an ice production capacity range of 1000 kgs to 50000 kgs or more.

Wide selection on ice sizes, ice diameter could be 22, 25, 29, 32 and 35mm upon request.

For more details, please contact Shining Fish Technology Limited.

Commercial Tube Ice Maker

Commercial tube ice maker is also called small capacity tube ice maker, which is designed specially for demand of less amount of ice.

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Industrial Tube Ice Machine

Comparing with commercial tube ice machine, industrial tube ice machine is ideal for ice factory and ice plant for retailing ice. Because of it's large amount ice output, it is also called big capacity tube ice machine. Especially in the high temperature areas, big capacity tube ice machine usually is the premier option for investment because of its high rate of investment return.

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