Industrial Tube Ice Machine


industrial tube ice machineComparing with commercial tube ice machine, the industrial tube ice machine is ideal for ice factory and ice plant for retailing ice. Because of it’s large amount of ice output, it is also called big capacity tube ice machine. Especially in the high temperature areas, big capacity tube ice machine usually is the premier option for investment because of its high rate of investment return.

Capacity ranges from 10000 kilo to 50000 kilo in 24 hours. Fit for ice factory, ice plant, ice-selling and ice distribution.

Most of these machines are water-cooled type and evaporative-cooled, High ice generating efficiency, even in the high-temperature area, ice production can be guaranteed and get less influence from the high temperature.

Original imported best quality components, plus strong technical engineering, Quality Guaranteed.

Molded design ensures Simple operation and easy maintenance.

Less power consumption reduces the operation cost, produces more ice with less power.

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