Ice Plant

The ice plant is a complete installation for the production and storage of ice, including the icemaker itself, that is the unit that converts water into ice together with the associated refrigeration machinery, harvesting and storage equipment, and the building. Ice plant is usually classified by the type of ice it produces; in most cases, there are flake ice plant, tube ice plant, and block ice plant etc.

The ice factory is a turnkey product of long-lasting experience of our engineers and technicians in the field of refrigeration technologies. It has been assembled with care at our modern manufacturing site. However, it’s quite complex to build up an ice making factory because the whole turnkey project includes so many composing parts that only the professional manufacturer, like ShiFT, can only have the capability to do so.

No matter it’s flake ice factory, tube ice factory or block ice factory, the whole turnkey project normally includes the following composing parts:

  • Water Quality (water filter or purifier, water chiller)
  • Ice Production (Ice Machines)
  • Ice Handling (ice delivery, ice compressing or ice crushing)
  • Package processing (ice bagger or packaging machine )
  • Storage of Finished Product (Ice Storage)
  • Delivery to Market (refrigerated ice van or ice trailer)
  • Merchandising and Point of Purchase Display (ice merchandiser, ice vending machine or ice bin)

Contact us now, let’s see what we can do to help you on building-up your ice plant. We’d be happy to be helpful.

Concrete cooling Plant

In the industrial concrete batching plant, where the concrete is mixed for industrial construction purpose, the mixed-concrete temperature should be strictly controlled below 23℃, because when the concrete temperature goes beyond 23℃, the aggregate will lose the strength, having more cracking and rapid setting. In order to offset the detrimental effects of high concrete temperature, cooling the aggregate (by way of water-chilling or adding large amount of ice in the batching process) is the primary method that adopted by the most majority constructors.

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Tube Ice Plant

Besides of a single tube ice machine, ShiFT can supply you with a complete turnkey tube ice plant with an ice production capacity range of 5 TPD to 100 TPD or more. We have installed and started-up tube ice factory for chemical companies, concrete companies, food processing companies, ice factories, fisheries, poultry-processing, meat plants and so on.

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Block Ice Plant

No matter it's flake ice plant, tube ice plant and block ice plant, we are capable of supplying all your ice manufacturing plant needs. Comparing with flake ice factory and tube ice factory, the block ice factory has a dominant advantage over others, especially in the developing countries and the high temperature areas.

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