Block Ice Plant

containerized block ice plantNo matter it’s flake ice plant, tube ice plant and block ice plant, we are capable of supplying all your ice manufacturing plant needs. Comparing with flake ice factory and tube ice factory, the block ice factory has a dominant advantage over others, especially in the developing countries and the high temperature areas.

What the most important is that the block ice plant makes the best quality of block ice, which has the longest melting time than scale ice and tube ice. Whereas the block ice factory needs more labour and workers to work in shifts in 24 hours.

A complete turnkey block ice plant normally includes the following composing parts:

  • Thermal Energy Storage for water chilling (optional)
  • Water Chilling System (optional for high temperature area)
  • Block Ice Making Machinery (Cap.: 10—200 ton/day, containerized type available)
  • Ice Storage Room (Cap.: 10—100 ton, available for containerized cold room )
  • Ice Delivery System (belt conveyor or pneumatic delivery)
  • Ice Crushing Equipment

Apart from the supplying of different systems, we also offer a whole service line that includes the designing, engineering, assembling and installation, commissioning, training and all-round aftersales services. And we also can help you with the feasibility study on building a complete block ice factory.

For more info of building up a turnkey block ice plant, please contact us.