Ice Storage

Whether it’s for flake ice, plate ice , tube ice, shell ice, block ice or crushed ice, SFT always has a tailor-made solution to meet your ice storage requirements.

We have ice bin for commercial ice storage demand, the storage capacity is from hundred kilos to 2 tons. This ice bin is ideal for commercial ice machine which has a daily capacity of hundred kilos or 3 tons.

We also make non-refrigerated ice storage rooms for bigger ice storage demand. The storage of ice above 3 ton to 10 ton. And we had developed refrigerated ice rooms for large ice storage requirements. The ice can be stored in the refrigerated ice storage room for days and will not melt even for a longer time.

Apart from the non-containerized ice storage, we had developed the containerized ice storage for convenient ice transporting. The automatic ice storage rake bin has far more better advantage than any other kind of ice storage equipment. The auto ice rake bin has all the function of automatic storing ice, automatic temperature controlling, automatic conveying and delivering ice.

For more details of ice storage solution, please contact Shining Fish Technology Limited.

Non-refrigerated Ice Storage

Non-refrigerated ice storage also called common ice bin, which does not equip with refrigeration system. Normally, this kind of ice bins have smaller storing space, which means the storing capacity is not big. Usually the storage capacity is below 3 ton of ice.

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Refrigerated Ice Storage

Refrigerated ice storage can be called cold room or cold storage, which equips with a refrigeration system to maintain the room temperature at a low degree so that the stored product will be kept fresh and good.

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