Non-refrigerated Ice Storage

non refrigerated ice storage roomNon-refrigerated ice storage also called common ice bin, which does not equip with refrigeration system. Normally, this kind of ice bins have smaller storing space, which means the storing capacity is not big. Usually the storage capacity is below 3 ton of ice.

This ice bin is mainly used for storing flake ice, cube ice, tube ice and plate ice for commercial application. Like storing cube ice for human consumption, storing flake ice for supermarket or laboratory. The stored ice is consumed in a short period of time because there’s no refrigeration system and the stored ice melts fast.

For storing large amount of ice, like flake ice, a bigger ice room is needed. When large amount of ice is stored in the ice room, the room temperature can be lowed down so that the ice can be kept for a longer time even without refrigeration system. In normal circumstances, the maximum storing time is around 2 days.

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