Refrigerated Ice Storage

Refrigerated Ice StorageRefrigerated ice storage can be called cold room or cold storage, which equips with a refrigeration system to maintain the room temperature at a low degree so that the stored product will be kept fresh and good.

A walk-in freezer is commonly used for storing ice, raw material, food, vegetable and fruit, meat and other perishable products. In most cases, for large demand of cold storage, a large cold room is needed for this cold storage. This usually can be found in food company, cold storage project, and cold chain and warehousing.

In the actual logistics requirement, a refrigerated container (a freezer container) usually is need for transporting not only ice but also other perishable products. In ShiFT, we make self-constructed refrigerated container. And also we provide ISO standard new or secondhand (in good condition) freezer container, which has another name of climate-controlled container or temperature-controlled container.

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