Instant Quicker Freezer

In food, meat, fruit, vegetable processing industry, the most important and hardest thing is to keep the finished product fresh and not go bad for a long time. However, this difficulty was solved when the historical innovation of individual quick freezing technology came into being. Most foods can be preserved for a long time when they are quickly frozen at a very low temperature. The instant quick freezing draws all the water from the tiny cells of the food thus no bacteria can remain in the body of frozen food. All the natural characteristics of fresh fruit and vegetables are retained.

The individual quick freezer (I.Q.F) can be applied in my fields such as fish processing, shrimp farm, slaughterhouse, fruit processing and vegetable factory.

SFT (Shining Fish Technology) has considerable experience with quick freezing techniques for IQF ingredients, and we have extensive knowledge of fruit and vegetables and their possible IQF applications. Currently, we had innovated and developed three kinds of quick freezer in our product line.

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Plate Freezer

A plate freezer is made up of two main parts: the freezing unit and the insulated cabinet. The Products are simply placed into the freezing frames between the aluminum freezing plates in batches or in packages; the plates fall horizontally to give true double contact freezing. Once the freezing cycle completes, the plates are lifted and opened, and then the product can be unloaded; after fresh product is loaded, another cycle resumes.

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IQF freezing tunnel

Tunnel Freezers

A tunnel freezer is a type of instant quick freezer (I.Q.F). Unlike plate freezer and spiral freezer, the tunnel freezer usually travels horizontally through a long enclosed compartment (cold tunnel) and cold air is circulated upward through the product. The product is conveyed through the freezing tunnel by a series of stainless steel or plastic mesh belts/plates.

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Spiral Freezer

Within the past 30 years, ShiFT (Shining Fish Technology) has been designing and manufacturing low temperature mechanical refrigeration IQF (Instant Quick Freezer) system for fast freezing of various food products such as fruits, vegetables, red meat, poultry and bakery etc. In addition to plate freezer and tunnel freezer, we also have spiral freezer in our product line.

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