Plate Freezer

horizontal plate freezer machineA plate freezer is made up of two main parts: the freezing unit and the insulated cabinet. The Products are simply placed into the freezing frames between the aluminum freezing plates in batches or in packages; the plates fall horizontally to give true double contact freezing. Once the freezing cycle completes, the plates are lifted and opened, and then the product can be unloaded; after fresh product is loaded, another cycle resumes.

Advantages for plate freezer/ block freezer / flat freezer:

  • Fast temperature reduction and freezing time
  • Safe freezing, greater protection against dehydration
  • The best quality product, no damages to the products
  • High efficiency of heat exchange and refrigeration
  • Quality material, guaranteed hygiene

In collaboration with our customers, our plate freezers are developed and improved on an ongoing basis to ensure that they fulfil market demands. Our plate freezers comply with the most stringent requirements with regard to food safety.

To meet different specific requirements from the customer, we designed and developed contact plate freezer, packaged plate freezer, horizontal plate freezer, and vertical plate freezer.

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