Tunnel Freezer

IQF straight tunnel freezerA tunnel freezer is a type of instant quick freezer (I.Q.F). Unlike plate freezer and spiral freezer, the tunnel freezer usually travels horizontally through a long enclosed compartment (cold tunnel) and cold air is circulated upward through the product. The product is conveyed through the freezing tunnel by a series of stainless steel or plastic mesh belts/plates.

The straight tunnel freezer is capable of freezing and chilling a wide variety of products as part of the continuos processing operation. The customizable freezers are designed to be adaptable to meet the demands of today’s food markets. The ShiFT straight tunnel freezer incorporates many proven technologies to ensure quick thorough freezing and maintaining the quality attributes of the products.

Benefits for IQF tunnel freezer/ fluidized tunnel freezer:

  • Best flavor, texture and moisture retention
  • The best quality product, no damages to the products
  • Flexible to freeze various products
  • High efficiency of chilling/freezing
  • Automated control, continuous operation
  • Minimum maintenance and operating cost

In order to customize every particular requirements, we designed and developed contact belt tunnel freezer, packaged fluidized tunnel freezer, modular tunnel freezer, tray fluidized tunnel freezer, single belt tunnel freezer, double belts tunnel freezer, stainless steel mesh tunnel freezer, plastic mesh tunnel freezer, stainless steel plate tunnel freezer, and plastic plate tunnel freezer.

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