Fish Filleting Machine

Hello there,

We are happy to announce that we are entering into a new product line, the fish processing equipment and line, which are dedicated to develop processing machinery for many fish species. We believe that the fish processing machinery is a goody hand for the food processing companies in liberating many laborers from the crowded processing line with improved working efficiency.

The fish processing machinery includes single standalone processing equipment and integrated equipment with multiple combined functions, such as de-heading, de-scaling, gutting, cutting, filleting, and skinning.

The standalone equipment only serve one function at a stable and efficient working performance. The heading/de-heading machine removes the fish head. There can be several styles of de-heading, such as, lineral cutting, V-type cutting, and U-type cutting.

The scaling/de-scaling equipment is to remove the fish scales at a small/large capacity. We have several types of fish scaler, the electricl hand-held scaler, suitable for small fish stall; the brush type scaler, and the revolver drum scaler, especially for processing large capacity of fish.

The fish filleting machine is to cut the fish into two or three pieces. If cut it into two fillets, we call it butterfly style filleting. If cut it into three pieces, it produces the left piece, the right piece, and the spine bone. For the detailed of fish filleting machine, please refer to this link to know more.

The skinning machine is to remove the fish skin after the fish is filleted.